Wednesdays 6-9pm, 11/16/22-12/14/22

Make rings, pendants, brooches or small sculptures in wax, then use the wax model to create a finished cast piece in silver or bronze. This class introduces multiple ways of wax-working including: additive, subtractive, filing, using hot tools and a small alcohol torch. Several finishing techniques will be demonstrated.

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In this introductory 5 week class, students learn the basics of small-scale metal casting to create their own wearable works of art! We start with an overview of various wax-working techniques, followed by a dive into the casting process itself. Finally, students learn the basics of finishing casting, including any polishing and assembly needed to make their creations shine!

Wednesdays 6-9pm, 11/16/22-12/14/22

Custom workshops are available as well, including: wedding ring workshops, teen welding intensives, and more!