Grey Hilliard-Koshinsky

As a metal smith and maker, Grace Hilliard-Koshinsky work ranges in size from jewelry scale to larger sculptural objects. She works with ferrous and non-ferrous metals in addition to other materials such as wood, fabric and enamel.

She is hyper-observant of the bags and luggage people carry with them. She notices their bodily relationship, if they use the bag for support, or whether there appear to be alterations of the original design. She’s captivated when she observes care and/or disregard. Both are out of the realm of her control. Because she is not the caretaker of these bags, she is incapable of saving them if they are mistreated.

She is interested in the notion of being kept vs. given away. Through the format of luggage, She pairs respected “valuable” materials with easily discarded ones such as trash liners and cardboard. She does this to examine the idea that perceived value determines whether people or objects are kept or given away.